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Akrivia HCM is a new age cloud-based HRMS software providing a “hire-to-retire” SaaS Platform centralizing, automating, and managing all HR functions. It’s a comprehensive HCM product providing a unified new age platform for an engaged workforce with features available for successfully driving sustainable performance, happiness, and well-being at work. It accomplishes all that through features such as recruitment management, employee management and engagement, HR helpdesk, payroll management, learning and development, employee offboarding, and many more.

Akrivia is an end-to-end, cloud-based HRMS solution designed to modernize and simplify the entire employee life cycle from hire to retire for both full-time and contingent workforce.

Akrivia has been specifically built to replace obsolete HR processes with AI and ML-driven tech that modernizes workforce policies and powers your people strategy with current business trends and market requirements.

With 15+ modules covering everything from LMS, engagement, and multi-country payroll, Akrivia is the trouble shooter you have been looking for to solve your enterprise-level problems.

With Akrivia, you can focus on the emotional part of managing people and transformation while we simplify your tech and get it out of your way for growth.

To Know more, visit www.akriviahcm.com

Gold Partner


Workfam is an HR software company that provides a gamified employee engagement platform to help organizations retain high levels of employee engagement and motivation. Workfam's platform includes employee benefits, corporate wellness, internal communications, training programs, pulse surveys, and reward and recognition solutions. The company's goal is to empower employees to pursue their passions, provide feedback and give and receive recognition, by creating a positive work environment that encourages work-life integration. Workfam's platform also includes a dashboard for data-driven decision making. Workfam aims to boost organizations revenue and profitability by elevating employee engagement and reducing employee turnover.

To Know more, visit www.workfam.com

Learning and Assessment Partner

THE DATATECH LABS – Enabling Learning outcomes with Technology Headquartered in New York, US, the award-winning company, The DataTech Labs, is a tech organization that specializes in learning and enterprise solutions. While focusing on a multitude of industries, The DataTech Labs provide enterprise platform solutions to many businesses. The DataTech Labs Inc has a strong vision for 2030 and beyond. We want to contribute towards digital transformation for every individual and enterprises across the globe by offering technology solutions & learning paths with a business centric approach. We keep increasing our momentum for Learning Transformation, Digital Transformation and Business Transformation in the years to come and plan to deliver outstanding, affordable IT solutions for various industry verticals.

The brainchild of the CEO Dr Amit Andre, The DataTech Labs was established in 2020. The organization today stands for expertise in digital transformation and developing the latest technology. They have helped several brands to gain efficiency and excellence through their digital learning programs and solutions. The company has enhanced their services by delivering cloud, on-premises, and hybrid solutions to a multitude of industries ranging from the public sector, transport to retail healthcare, etc. After keenly observing the dynamic nature of different works, demand for skills, and organizational behaviour, the company understood the need for improved software, machinery, data, and robotics. With this, the organization envisions the jobs to become much more distinct and demanding.

To Know more, visit www.tdtl.world